The Enthusiasm of a Busker

The other day I was doing my usual wanderings through the city and I stumbled across this guy:

IMG_0769 IMG_0775 IMG_0765

I’ve seen him around before, always in the same spot. But this time I noticed something.

You know how in my last blog, I mentioned how so many things go unnoticed by people staring at their watches, hoping they don’t miss their train? Whilst I did mean this in an allegorical sense, this busker has the unfortunate privilege of being the literal example of what I was describing. You see, he is placed directly out the front of a major bus station meaning almost everyone who passes him by is distracted; in haste to make sure they don’t miss their bus, or rushing from their bus to work because in typical bus fashion, it arrived late.

The reason I love this guy so much is because he’s not discouraged by the absent mindedness of passers-by. Very few notice him, and yet look at him. Just jamming out to his own tune. Having a great time, doing his thing. He looks happier than anyone else and yet to the world, he’s invisible. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate his style? This guy is on point and his talent is incredible.

What I saw in this legend was most certainly a touch of brilliance. That little speck of light lost amongst the shadows, that burst of life amidst the mechanical movements of passers-by and a smile of genuine happiness that was contagious for those lucky enough to notice it. These people are worth noticing. They’re the kinds of people who would brighten your day with their own happiness. Thankyou sir, for being the legend that you are and being kind enough to share your enthusiasm with the rest of us.

So that’s all from me,

Stay happy!



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