Boundary Street Markets

As you may have gathered, this blog reflects on stuff. So much reflecting. But sometimes I don’t really feel like reflecting; I just want to point out the good times without having to justify said good time with some deep and philosophical thought about happiness. So here’s a new angle for you. Time to mix it up. Time to start giving some good old-fashioned reviews on stuff. There’ll still be reflecting because… well… that’s just what I do. But it will be broken up with a general guide on where all the fun times are happening in Brisbane. Cafes, markets, laneway festivals, everything. If I go there, I’ll talk about it. Because quite frankly, Brisbane is a bit terrible at advertising their stuff themselves. So let’s help them along, shall we?

After my last post, I think you should all now know that I have a love of spontaneous adventures. As well as this, you should already know that I’m partial towards cute cafes. What you may not know is that I also have an appreciation for cute markets and small farm animals. So what happens when you blend all of this together? A good time. Where did this happen most recently? The Boundary Street markets in West End.

Up until about two weeks ago, these cute markets were a little slice of magic that only occurred in the evenings. But no more!

On a Sunday afternoon, filled with the adventurous spirit and having nowhere else to be, my family stumbled across this little corner of the world and of course our curiosity took over. Upon entering, we discovered farm animals. Well that’s a good start. Who doesn’t love a good farm animal or two. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate those spotty chickens. Oh my gosh.


We proceeded to wander around outside, weaving between people and taking in the atmosphere of a lively market. We discovered cute little coffee corners. I’m calling them corners because they were too fancy to be considered ‘stalls’ and too small to be classified as ‘cafes’. Also I like corners.

IMG_1131 IMG_1120 IMG_1118

We never actually had the opportunity to try any of these which is wildly disappointing; but that just gives me all the more reason to go back! What I can tell, however, is that these corners offer a comfortable and welcoming place to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the markets, whilst also providing caffeinated beverages and pancakes. So far, I’m sold.

But it didn’t end there. Upon moving indoors, I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of ‘OHMYGOSH this is everything I love in one place.’ Just enough hipster to appeal to the slight hipster within me, and just enough general market brilliance to make it a fun time for the masses. Wooden furniture, old books, steampunk accessories, vintage clothes. I was in heaven. The Boundary Street markets have an impressive variety of offerings considering their small size. Well done Boundary Street. You have impressed me.

There is not a large offering of food here and apart from the animals, there are no areas of particular interest for kids. So I’d say if you’re a uni student with friends (or maybe highschool if you’re a particularly artsy teenager), if you’re a couple on date night or if you’re feeling kind of lonely and just want to feel the community vibes, then this is a place for you.

Their website has some more details, so it’s time to peruse.

Also, if you are a local or if you are looking for some holiday adventures, check out Visit Brisbane for updates on what is happening around the place.

Stay happy and keep adventuring
– Alice


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