She Returns

Friends, it has been too long!

After my last post things were busy at uni, I started writing a blog for my internship and everything I was doing seemed to be based around writing. As sad as it was, the last thing I wanted to do was give myself more writing and thus came a stop to this little blog. Not only this, but I was suffering from a terrible little suffering called ‘writer’s block’. Nothing I wrote sounded good, so it would be deleted and I would bury my head in a pillow for a while, hoping that my brain fuzz would clear away. Well, good news! The fuzz has cleared and she is back.

You see, for the last little while I have been writing posts and recommendations on things to do in Brisbane – cafes, markets etc. but when I tried to write one of these, it just didn’t work. Over last week I came to the conclusion that I had to change my angle. This blog was originally designed to point out all the little things in the world that make life brilliant, and that is not limited to the events and places around Brisbane. So today I’m going back to where it all started. As always, here is a story:

Last week I was away on a camp with a bunch of friends from across Queensland. My friends and I are fun people and naturally, we want to make life fun for the younger campers. There were multiple occasions where I would be talking to younger campers and they would say something like “Alice, you are always on point. How do you do it?” or even “Alice, sometimes I wish I could just be you. I bet you don’t even know my name” (At this point I will clarify that I knew her name and how to spell her name but I pronounced it incorrectly and I felt so bad afterwards) but anyway…

These comments made me just a little bit sad. Compliments are always nice and I will always be grateful when I receive one but these particular compliments came from a place of insecurity and I can’t have that. So today I would like to remind you all that you are just a touch of brilliance. Now I can’t claim the privilege of knowing each and every one of you but I know you should all have a reminder that you are fabulous.

Maybe you aren’t ridiculously happy all the time. Maybe you don’t have a million friends and twice as many on Facebook. Maybe you don’t have that perfect hair that just knows how to do its job. Maybe you don’t get good grades in school. But who even decided those were the traits that define the worth of a person? I would like to argue that these were only made the most ‘attractive traits’ because these are the things that can be manipulated on purpose. Want people to think you’re happy? Take a good selfie. Perfect hair? Straighteners, products and way too much time in the morning. Good grades? Work ridiculously hard. The one thing to remember is: their ‘perfection’ may look effortless, but it’s not. It’s really, really not.

I would like to say that the most brilliant things about you are the things that you can’t alter and manipulate. Things that you might not even know you possess. Things like that glint in your eye that appears when you smile at something no one else noticed. Things like the way you always skip over the second last step because of some reason unknown to everyone else. Things like how you’re the one who listens to someone’s story when everyone else is talking over them. I could be here for hours listing off all of the things that make you fabulous but I think you get the idea. You may not notice these things, but others do. If you can’t read this and appreciate that you are brilliant, think of it this way: if you weren’t around and doing these invisible little things, someone in the world would have one less reason to smile everyday.

Never say that you wish you were someone else, because then there would be no you. Why would the world only want one brilliant person when it could have two?

I hope this makes up for my long absence!
Be happy and know you are brilliant.
– Alice


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