The Good Samaritan

Everyone knows that one of the most brilliant things in life are the good samaritans of the world, who do something amazingly nice for you and just put a massive smile on your face. Well, today I was lucky enough to stumble across my very own good samaritan. I suppose it’s story time.

I was in the car with a couple of friends and we were leaving a shopping centre car park. Looking down at my phone and not paying much attention to the rest of the world, I suddenly felt this massive bump on the driver’s side. Thinking to myself ‘my my, we must have hit the curb pretty hard’, I looked up to see that I was wrong. To my great surprise, we had not actually hit a curb. We had been T-boned. With all passengers safe and sound, we drove around the corner and parked in the Bob Jane T-marts Supercheap Autobarn carpark, next door. I was guarding the car whilst my two friends went to deal with the fun proceedings of car accidents. I was summoned over to bring the driver’s licence and decided, in my rush, to leave my bag in the unlocked car because what were the chances that someone would come in and steal it.

However, everyone knows that the dear lord has a wonderfully cruel sense of humour, and when we came back to the car, sure enough, my bag was gone. Now I wasn’t shaken by the accident and I wasn’t worried about my safety but as soon as I saw my bag was gone, I was cranky. Luckily I had my phone and my beloved sunglasses but my wallet and all other bag things were missing. We checked the car numerous times and wandered around on a hunt for it but the bag was nowhere to be seen. Now I was vengeful.

In our searches, we had left the Autobarn carpark but we decided to go back to have another look. As we came back, there was a guy there, on the phone. He heard us talking about my bag, hung up and gave us quite a nice little story. He said that he was an Autobarn employee and that, a little while ago, an alarm had gone off inside the shop so he came to check it out. He saw our car and thought it had been stolen so when he saw my bag, he decided to take it into the shop and lock it under the register so it was safe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.05.23 pm
Sadly I didn’t get his name, but he left this card on the bonnet of the car in case I came looking for my bag when he wasn’t there. I would just like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the people who have ever done something like this for someone before. He could have left my bag and given it no second thought but he went out of the way to protect the belongings of someone he had never even met and that is just a little bit brilliant.

So go forth and do nice things!
– Alice.


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