Musings on a train

Sometimes I have days where I just want to write. I have no agenda, no purpose and no story to tell. Merely an urge to get words on paper and feel the familiar click of the keys beneath my fingers. Now how does one go about writing a piece for which they have no purpose or prior plan? The only thing for it is to just write. To type without a further thought. To look away from the screen and gaze off into the distance as you type whatever comes to your head.

As I write this, I am gazing out the window of a train, on my way to the middle of nowhere for another day of work. From where I sit, I watch the steady transformation from sleek inner city suburbs, to industrial sites, to dirt hills and rundown sheds. From this gradual transformation, one would think that I am on a long journey, to far away from home. However, it is a mere 25 minute trip. It is funny that such a massive transformation can occur within such a short distance. That one group of people are living an entirely different lifestyle to those only a 10 minute train ride away.

When I was younger, and I admit I still do it on the occasion, I used to pass my time by watching people. Now as creepy as this may sound, it was actually a rather good exercise in imagination and creativity. I would sit and watch someone going about their business. I would observe how they pour their tea, how many sugars they take, how long they wait for it to cool before they drink it. I would observe how they react to other people and how they communicate with them. After all of this I would begin to develop a life story for them. What kind of childhood they had, where they grew up, what their happiest and saddest memories were. I would think about what they might be doing that day – did they have an important interview or a 25th wedding anniversary or was it just another day. All of these things would rush to my head and I would feel a familiarity in that person. I would see the importance of their existence in the vast web of time and humanity. I would realise that they were not just a person. They were a person who thought thoughts, who made decisions and who influenced people in a way that could change the entire shape of the present and of the future. They were a cog in the clockwork of existence.

Even if the story I gave them was entirely inaccurate, there was always one thing which stood true. The implication. The implication that every person has a connection with people and an influence on the world which no one else could mirror. Every aspect of their life, the big and the small, has the power to alter and transform the web of time and the clockworks of existence.

I am now at the point where my musings must conclude for my journey is almost to an end. I have not looked once at my computer screen or my keyboard, but merely written every thought that has flourished, as it has come to me. It is incredible what the mind comes up with as you stare out the window of a train. Thankyou for joining me on my journey and I hope that you will take the time to make some of these observations yourself. It has the power to liven up your perspective of life.

Be happy and gaze out a window.




  1. Pistachios · December 4, 2015

    I do this sometimes too. Making up back-stories for random strangers, and also the staring out of windows and letting my mind wander and thoughts flow.
    A captivatingly well written piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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