That one person

Sometimes it is important that we reflect on things that make this happiness so wonderful. Those moments of emptiness, moments of inexplicable sadness and moments of incomprehensible loneliness that add a touch of brilliance to every smile, to every laugh and to every friend.

Some of you might recognise those words. They’re an excerpt from the most popular blog I ever posted, The beauty in sadnessI want to ponder this concept again, from a different angle. I would like to focus on the brilliance in one particular smile, one particular laugh and one particular friend.

The luckiest people in the world have the privilege of having that one person. The one person who makes you feel safe, who melts your troubles away with a simple laugh and whom you just want to hug when things aren’t right. They could be a sibling or a best friend or a partner. Up until this year, I could never boast the privilege of having that one person. I was both perpetually single and terrible at maintaining friendships outside of group contexts. Whilst there were people to hug and people to share inside jokes with, they weren’t that one person.

Now I find myself sitting here in a moment of exhaustion-induced melancholy. Overwhelmed by a desire to just curl up in a ball and disappear, the fault of life rather than circumstance. In this particular moment, I find myself craving the warm glow of that one smile and that one laugh from that one person. The overwhelming happiness that seems to exude from them when they enter a room. Their positivity and their good humour that just draws people in. The personality that seems to weave its way through everything, even their carefully maintained hair. The cheekiness in every smile and gesture. The warmth of every glance. The safety of their arms.

Whilst it is an honour and a privilege to say that I have that one person, I must now add that it is quite an inconvenience when they are otherwise disposed and all you want is a hug. But as I have sat, curled up on my bed, describing to you that one person and pondering everything about them that makes me so incredibly lucky, melancholy has turned to contentedness. Contentedness to happiness. So thank you to my curly haired legend of a boyfriend for cheering me up when, at this particular moment, you had no idea it was even necessary. Thank you for giving me every reason to smile and every opportunity to laugh. Thank you for having a personality that is so incredibly friendly and happy that it has an overwhelmingly positive effect on other people, not just me. Finally, thank you for being generous, kind hearted and curious. Thank you for being brilliant.

I hope you all find that one person. Whether they are a sibling, a best friend or a partner. In that person,

Find happiness.

Find laughter.

Find brilliance.




  1. Myles Vele · August 10, 2016

    You’re my best friend Maisie Mouse ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pistachios · August 10, 2016

    I actually relate to this post a lot! This year, I’ve focused on building strong friendships with a few close friends, and even found myself a bestie 🙂 It always fills me with wonder and amazement whenever I reflect on these close relationships

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alice Maisie · August 11, 2016

      I’m so glad you know the feeling too! So important to have those kinds of friendships 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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