Boggo Road Gaol: the story of a dramatic escape

Well hello there everyone. Would you look at that. She’s back!

I wrote in my last blog update that I had been away for a bit but was back to writing weekly blogs… that was a few months ago and this is now terribly awkward. However, we must soldier on and push through this. So I am here to tell you a story.

It was a cool spring evening, the sky was clear and a blood moon cast shadows through the night. The courtyard of Boggo Road Gaol was filled with anxious prisoners, awaiting the moment they would be locked behind the menacing bars as so many had been locked away before. We refused to give away our true identities, responding only to the aliases as we were known in the criminal world.

The moment came. Marched into the walls of the gaol, put in our place by an angry prison guard and locked away, behind the dark walls of the abandoned building. With only the cunning and charm of each criminal mastermind, we were set the task of escaping. 90minutes, a series of tasks and an angry guard who could appear at any moment and ruin our whole plan. Could we do it? Of course. We are, afterall, the finest criminals in the land.

I know, this probably sounds a bit insane. Allow me to explain.

Here in Brisbane we have a wonderful piece of heritage called the Boggo Road Gaol. Home to some of the scariest people around but abandoned long ago, this has been a highly valued tourist destination for many years.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.15.40 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.16.03 pm

Photo credit goes out to my wonderful friend Miguel, the guard of the Boggo Road Mass Escape.

However, soon it is going to be ripped apart to make way for new development. With the incredibly creative mind of an entrepreneur, this was turned into an opportunity. An opportunity to take the well loved ‘Escape Hunt’ and magnify it, for a group of 80 people, to be a thousand times more epic. What is Escape Hunt you ask? Well how about we just have a look at the description on their website:

We offer a true “experience” where you play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a murder mystery. As a team you play against the clock in one of our rooms to find the guilty suspect’s identity and thereby find your escape. The adventures last around 90 minutes. The game is 60 minutes and after the game we have a little surprise for you.

Well now. Doesn’t that sound like a dandy time! Perfect for friends, family and even work outings and located in the heart of the ever growing West End, this little corner of the world is a great way to escape into a land of adventure, cunning and just a touch of style.

But just imagine this on a larger scale, with more people and in a magnificent piece of heritage listed perfection which won’t be around for much longer. I think that sounds like a pretty decent time, don’t you?

This experience is on until next Sunday (11 October) and tickets are $50 each. You can bring a group as big or as small as you’d like and there is even a couple of 18+ sessions for those brave enough.

So, I ask you: Are you prepared to take on the challenge that is the Boggo Road Gaol Mass Escape? Because it is most certainly a touch of brilliance.

Keep smiling,
Always adventure
And try something new

– A

If you would like to check out this amazing experience, visit:

Disclaimer: I am not employed by Escape Hunt and I have not been asked to write this review. I am merely a friend with a good story and a good thing to share. So please be a part of it 🙂


Just Your Average Eurovision Party

What happens when you have a group of eight best friends who haven’t seen eachother in weeks, and gather them in one house over the Eurovision weekend? A Eurovision party and so many good times.

I know there is probably so much judging going on right now and you are most likely all thinking ‘who on Earth looks at Eurovision and thinks “well, by gum. It’s party time.”‘ But, let me tell you, if you haven’t ever had a Eurovision themed sleepover with a fun group of people, you are missing out. But let me fill you in and see if I can convince you of the worthiness of this event.

Me and my girls are just a little bit different. Our schoolies was spent watching Smallville and playing pingpong. We dress up and have fancy dinner parties just for fun. Most importantly, we wear matching pyjamas to movie sleepovers at my house. We find fun in being ridiculous together and ever since we spent our new years eve watching replays of Eurovision 2014, we have been waiting for the epic moment that our sleepover tradition could be combined with the  fun times and general awkwardness of Eurovision. It finally came. Hilarity ensued.

IMG_1335 IMG_1336 IMG_1341

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate that one of my friends owns a snuggie… ummm…. legend. But anyway, on with the story. For the ultimate Eurovision experience we buried ourselves, matching pyjamas and all, in a nest of mattresses, blankets, beanbags and pillows and planned our pizza dinner. After pondering for a good long while over the appropriate number of pizzas to buy, we finally settled on four. Half a pizza each is enough, right? No. Wrong. So wrong. Luckily we were saved from this grave mistake, by a lovely lady who was more experienced, than us, in the ways of bulk pizza purchases. Thanks Sam!

So we ate almost all of the pizza and we laughed our way through the wonderful Israeli boyband and drooled at the Swedish perfection. But after all that, we were still hungry. In typical Australian fashion, it was time for a maccas run… wearing pjs…


Six pizzas, maccas, a nest of pillows, a beautiful Swedish Eurovision man, matching pyjamas, a snuggie, and some brilliant people. What’s not to love!

What was so great about this night wasn’t the Eurovision, or the pizza, or the maccas. It was the general frivolity and fun that happens when you’re with friends. It was the fact that our stomachs hurt, not just from food overload, but from laughing so much as well. Life can be crazy. Life can be difficult. Life can be exhausting. But take a deep breath because the fun times are still there – you just have to look for them. They’re in the form of fun people and spontaneous adventures.

So how shall I conclude all of this. Life is brilliant. There are always opportunities for fun times so don’t pass them up if they seem too ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with just a little bit of frivolity. Also… daaaaaang Sweden… so much perfection I can’t even.

Stay fun, be happy and invest in a snuggie


Boundary Street Markets

As you may have gathered, this blog reflects on stuff. So much reflecting. But sometimes I don’t really feel like reflecting; I just want to point out the good times without having to justify said good time with some deep and philosophical thought about happiness. So here’s a new angle for you. Time to mix it up. Time to start giving some good old-fashioned reviews on stuff. There’ll still be reflecting because… well… that’s just what I do. But it will be broken up with a general guide on where all the fun times are happening in Brisbane. Cafes, markets, laneway festivals, everything. If I go there, I’ll talk about it. Because quite frankly, Brisbane is a bit terrible at advertising their stuff themselves. So let’s help them along, shall we?

After my last post, I think you should all now know that I have a love of spontaneous adventures. As well as this, you should already know that I’m partial towards cute cafes. What you may not know is that I also have an appreciation for cute markets and small farm animals. So what happens when you blend all of this together? A good time. Where did this happen most recently? The Boundary Street markets in West End.

Up until about two weeks ago, these cute markets were a little slice of magic that only occurred in the evenings. But no more!

On a Sunday afternoon, filled with the adventurous spirit and having nowhere else to be, my family stumbled across this little corner of the world and of course our curiosity took over. Upon entering, we discovered farm animals. Well that’s a good start. Who doesn’t love a good farm animal or two. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate those spotty chickens. Oh my gosh.


We proceeded to wander around outside, weaving between people and taking in the atmosphere of a lively market. We discovered cute little coffee corners. I’m calling them corners because they were too fancy to be considered ‘stalls’ and too small to be classified as ‘cafes’. Also I like corners.

IMG_1131 IMG_1120 IMG_1118

We never actually had the opportunity to try any of these which is wildly disappointing; but that just gives me all the more reason to go back! What I can tell, however, is that these corners offer a comfortable and welcoming place to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the markets, whilst also providing caffeinated beverages and pancakes. So far, I’m sold.

But it didn’t end there. Upon moving indoors, I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of ‘OHMYGOSH this is everything I love in one place.’ Just enough hipster to appeal to the slight hipster within me, and just enough general market brilliance to make it a fun time for the masses. Wooden furniture, old books, steampunk accessories, vintage clothes. I was in heaven. The Boundary Street markets have an impressive variety of offerings considering their small size. Well done Boundary Street. You have impressed me.

There is not a large offering of food here and apart from the animals, there are no areas of particular interest for kids. So I’d say if you’re a uni student with friends (or maybe highschool if you’re a particularly artsy teenager), if you’re a couple on date night or if you’re feeling kind of lonely and just want to feel the community vibes, then this is a place for you.

Their website has some more details, so it’s time to peruse.

Also, if you are a local or if you are looking for some holiday adventures, check out Visit Brisbane for updates on what is happening around the place.

Stay happy and keep adventuring
– Alice

A Hankering for Waffles

It is a well known fact that when a uni student has a craving for waffles and time on their hands, they will go to every length to find themselves a dose of this deliciously fattening dessert.

Every Tuesday I have the privilege of hanging out with four of my favourite people, going to lectures together, having coffee in our break and then tutes in the afternoon. Generally we just go to a local cafe, eat toasted cheese sandwiches, sip coffee and pretend to be mildly sophisticated. But this week, it simply wouldn’t do. Why? Because we wanted waffles. When we want waffles, ain’t nothin’ else happening until we get our hands on them waffles. So what did we do? We threw all appearances of sophistication out the window, grasped at the spontaneity of youth and journeyed to the city for some pancake manor waffles. We talked, we laughed, and one of us had slightly too much waffle.

IMG_1027IMG_1025  IMG_1029

We felt fat, we felt full and the waffle hankering had been fulfilled. But no, the journey didn’t end there. Since we were already in the city and enjoying eachother’s company, why not be frivolous for just a little while longer? After all, we still had time to kill. So on went the escapade until we ended up in Bean (check out my previous blog post about this if you haven’t already) for coffee and more fun times. There was more conversation to be had, more food to be dreamed about and of course, more hilarity.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1042

After too much food but so many good times, we parted ways with lighter wallets and heavier… everything else….

But my blog isn’t supposed to be just recounts of my day and telling people the ins and outs of my life. So what am I actually here for? Well, let me enlighten you.

Sometimes it is the most simple things in life that are brilliant and often it is the times you share with other people that are the most brilliant of all. Have you ever watched someone laugh? Seen their smile light up their eyes in a way that nothing else can? Have you ever listened to someone share a memory? Afterwards left to sit, amazed by something that you yourself will never have the privilege of experiencing? These are the things I see every Tuesday. Keeping it simple is sometimes all you need. Waffles, laughter and spontaneous adventures are, most certainly, brilliant.

People are amazing.
So keep making friends and take them out for waffles
– Alice